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SIMO Blower Corporation is committed to offering a wide variety of fans to meet your needs by manufacturing a broad range of fans and blowers. Our blower are widely used in the thermal power, cement, industrial boilers, industrial dust removal systems, Fume exhaust, sintering machine, gas delivery and material handing, general ventilation and so on.
  • Power Generation

    Power Generation

    Engineers of SIMO will offer high quality customized design service to customer on heavy duty fan system in power generation.

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  • Industrial Boiler

    Industrial Boiler

    SIMO BLOWER can provide all kinds of industrial boiler fan, such as: Coal-fired boiler fan, Biomass fuel boiler fan, Waste incineration boiler fan.

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  • Cement


    SIMO BLOWER's cement fans can operate reliably in the harsh environment of extreme high temperature and heavy wear, and service life can be extended to 3 to 5 times.

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  • Air Pollution Control And Dust Collection

    Air Pollution Control And Dust Collection

    This draft can extend service life more than 3 times and help customers save the cost of use and maintenance.

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