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Cement Production Line

In June 2014, General Contractor from Burmese cement Company by the Academy of Luoyang Mining Machinery Engineering Design Institute having 5000t/d cement production line's project and carry out a tender publicly for blower system purchasing. SIMO Blower Company as one of the five alternative suppliers participated in the bidding. For the question about the business affairs and technical asked by tender side and owner representative, SIMO Blower Company's business manager and technical representative had made customer satisfaction answer. After several rounds of bidding and finally, SIMO Blower Company lean against high-grade, mature and sophisticated, low cost but high quality solutions, and a wealth of outstanding achievement in export and overseas service experience, stand out and win a bid among many alternative suppliers, gained supplier qualification of blower equipment for whole project’s cement production line. Products include dust collecting fan, fan for kiln head and kiln end, cooling blower, exhaust fan, and other kinds of centrifugal fans and axial fans with a total of 137 units. For now, the orders have been put into production.

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