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Industrial boiler Induced draft centrifugal fan

industrial centrifugal fan
Draught fan is one type of boiler centrifugal fan. This serise industrial centrifugal fan is equipped for various burning furnace. Draught fan is also used for smoke and dust removing device of 1t/h~20t/h industrial boiler. Draught fan is designed to match total pressure efficiency reaching 90.5%, which inlet conditions quite similar performance can be selection, but the highest temperature shall to 250 ℃. At the front of the draught fan, the efficiency of 85% dust collector device must be installed. It can reduce the volume of dust and flue gas that lengthen the service life of industrial centrifugal fan.
industrial boiler 45Ton
Recently,industrial boiler has many models,burning coal quality is different and the obstruction of dust collector is draught fan's pressure and volume is different.Adapting to those situation, taking into account the fan economy,except 20 t/h boiler  equipped draft fan use of coupling driven. The rest of draufts fan are v-belt drive. Beacuse that can not only suit with a machine,one model can satisfty the boiler configure all kinds of precipitator, reduce the fan machine series, but also easy to use according to the actual situation, change their spindle speed to obtain the ideal air volume and air pressure
draft fan
More about the structure and characteristics of induced draft fan, please continue to pay attention to SIMO BLOWER real-time dynamic.

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