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Industrial centrifugal fan

Industrial centrifugal fan is a kind of fluid machinery that depends on mechanical energy as input, to improve the gas pressure and send the gas. The industrial centrifugal fan is widely applied to factory and building ventilation, cooling tower, delivery air to industrial boiler and furnace, dust collector equipment and so on. It has an important role in cement product, power generation, Metallurgy.


Industrial centrifugal fan


Centrifugal fan mainly consists of outer casing,impeller, bearing house, bearing and motor, etc. Outer casing: it is made of carbon steel with carbon-dioxide arc welding.Drive group: including impeller, main shaft,bearing and bearing house. Impeller: it is made of blade, front disc with rear disc. The rotor have done the dynamic and static balance, to ensure it has the steady running and good performance. Performance range, capacity range : 500~221730m3/h, pressure : 500~25000Pa, Operating temperature : 0~80℃, Electric power : 1.1~1000Kw




what if above fan performance couldn’t meet your requirements,please provided the fan that rate of flow, pressure, temperature, medium to sent us by an e-mail, so we could supply the most suitable fan for you. SIMO devoted to centrifugal fan’s design and fan production over 60 years. 
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