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Professional waste to energy fan manufacturer ---SIMO BLOWER

The goal of domestic garbage disposal is to achieve reduction, resource, and harmlessness. The garbage incineration has comprehensive advantage. In areas with high population density and scarce land resources, waste incineration has graduallybecome the main method of domestic waste disposal.


Gaoyou waste-to-energy project


Nowadays, there are more and more large scale waste-to-energy contractors in China. The centrifugal fan is the most key important auxiliary equipment in the waste garbage power generation. As one professional centrifugal blower fan designer and manufacturer, SIMO BLOWER began to participated in the waste-to-energy industry in 2018. After the technical solution was modified many times and centrifugal fan's details were improved constantly. Finally with excellent products quality and high quality after-sale service, SIMO has built cooperative relationship with many large-scale waste-to-energy contractors.


Gaoyou waste-to-energy power generation project


Recently, SIMO has supplied primary air centrifugal fan, secondary air centrifugal blower fan, induced draft fan, furnace wall cooling centrifugal blower and other centrifugal blower fans for Gaoyou Waste-to-Energy plant project. These fans have successfully passed 72+24 hours full-load operation. At site, SIMO centrifugal fans' vibration value, temperature and other values have been recognized and praised by customers. The centrifugal fan bearing vibration value is less than 1mm/s, and the fan's and motor's bearing temperature is lower than 35℃. Meanwhile, the centrifugal fan noise value can meet environmental protection requirements.


SIMO's centrifugal blower fan site value


SIMO is very grateful to installation company’s precise installation. And we also thanks for the user’s cherish for SIMO’s products. SIMO will continue to do our best to provide good quality products and service, making a contribution to the environmental-protection!

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