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Happy Father's Day

Author:SIMO Time:2018-06-15

Time time slowly don’t make you getting old
I would like to use my everything to exchange for your accompany
My dear father, what I can do for you?
Please accept my heartfelt concern...

Familiar songs from ears, did you remember your father? Think about how long we haven't back home to visit our parents? How long we didn't give him a call? How long we didn't have a reunion dinner with dads?


Happy Father's Day

After working, spend more time and often go home to visit them. We grew and became independent, we have less and less time to accompany with them. While they felt happy with our growth and progress, actually our dad is waiting for us to go home. The Father’s Day is coming, put down the busy work and go home, to chat with our dad and have a dinner with them.


Happy Father's Day

On the occasion of Father's Day, SIMO Blower wishes everyone's father, Happy Father's Day!

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