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Summer Solstice

Author:SIMO Time:2018-06-20

On summer solstice, it has the longest day of a year, which is one of the most important traditional solar terms in China, and it's also the earliest known solar term. After the summer solstice day, the spot of the direct sunlight gradually moves southward, and the daylight hours in the northern hemisphere decreases.


summer solstice


On summer solstice, having noodles is one of the important customs in China. As saying goes, "after eating summer solstice noodles, the daytime is getting shorter day by day". What’s more, the wheat flour is harvested around summer solstice, eating noodles on summer solstice, which also means tasting fresh food. On this day, if you are living in the area on the tropic of cancer, don’t forget look at own shadows at high noon, and you will see the shortest shadow of the year!


eat noodles on summer solstice


The summer solstice is coming, accompanying with the hot weather. SIMO warm tips, remember the sentence, "so long as one keeps calm, one doesn't feel the heat too much” and maintain good mood. Usually have more fresh food and eat less cold food.

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